Every month in Steele County, Minnesota, 30 families are turned away due to our lack of funding. Your support means we never have to say “no” to an eligible family again. Please give to Transitional Housing of Steele County today. Your generosity leaves a legacy for generations because you are helping to end the cycle of poverty and homelessness in Steele County.

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For added convenience, you can donate via a monthly automatic withdrawal from your bank account (ACH) or a check as well. To donate through these methods or to support Transitional Housing of Steele County in other ways (endowments, planned giving, etc.) contact us.

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Transitional Housing of Steele County uses a proactive approach to help those in need. We keep people from becoming homeless, and if they are already homeless, we employ the most harm-reductive methods available to ensure that they become productive citizens in our community. Our proven empowerment methods teach individuals how to live better lives, pursue their dreams, and manage a budget.