Board of Directors


Paul Enter, President, Financial Consultant, Wells Fargo Advisors

Greg Johnson, Vice President, Sales Manager, Foamcraft Packaging

Jason Lennox, Treasurer, Financial Analyst

Jenna Herzog, Secretary, Scheduling Operating Supervisor, Mayo

Kristy Thief, Continuing Improvement Leader, Viracon

Dr. Brian Bunkers, M.D., President/CEO, Mayo Clinic Health Systems, Owatonna and Faribault

Lesa Anderson, Director of Nursing, I-35 Corridor, Mayo Clinic Health System, Owatonna

Julianna Skluzacek, Director, Merlin Players

Kay Oberle, Retired, Human Resources, Steele County

Catherine Piepho, Steele County Finance

Jannell Tufte, Mortgage Consultant Profinium

Andrea Nelson, Information and Technology Viracon
Deb Langer, Cedar Valley Services
Jim Kiefer, Principal, Alternative Learning Center


Julie Anderson, Executive Director

Keithia Siem, Case Manager

Brenda Juveland, Administrative Assistant

Leah Pratt, Contracted Bookkeeper